Stripey Sweaters & Waist Jacket - 16 July 09

It's time for some brand new releases from Fishy Strawberry!

First off, we have the "Stripey McGee Sweaters"

*Fi-St* Stripey McGee Sweaters

The Sweater comes in 4 colors and has 3 modifiable sculpted parts. The bottom torso sculptie portion adds a loose, baggy look to the sweater, while the other two make some comfy sleeves.

They're unisex and can be worn by anyone... perhaps even your neighbor's dog.

Next up is the Waist Jacket.
Perfect for summer since it's too hot to actually wear a jacket properly.... why not wear it around your waist?

*Fi-St* Waist Jacket

It's sculpted and includes a menu you can activate with a simple touch of the jacket. Once the menu appears, you can choose to resize it to fit any avatar shape (so it's ideal for both girls and boys) and you can also pick one of the 15 different colors and textures to match your outfit.

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