Geeks 'n' Nerds

If you liked the first edition of the Geeks 'n' Nerds Fair in 2013, you will love this year's even more.

These are my releases:



Complete outfit, the pieces can't be worn separately.

HUD to change top textures: 3 colors (white, grey, black) plain or with 7 different prints for each color.

▬ G&N2014 T-Shirt


Available in 2 versions, each priced 50L

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Gold Digger Heels

A new round of My Attic just started and the "How to Marry a Millionaire" theme inspired me to make these Gold Digger Heels.

Gold Digger Heels

The shoes are an add-on for SLink high and can't be worn without the mesh feet.
HUD to change metal accents  (ankle strap, zipper and coins inside the heel); sole and inner part.

Only  95L for the duration of the event (November 21st - 30th )

Also, a huge thank you for the nomination for Avi Choice Awards. I am extremely flattered by it. 
If you want, please spend a moment to vote for Fishy Strawberry in the Favorite Original Mesh Fashion Designer category.

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 Thanks for your support!

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Winter Bliss

New releases at Kustom 9: an outfit and a matching cardigan

▬ Winter Bliss Outfit 

Winter Bliss

Complete outfit, includes: Sweater, Undershirt, Skirt.
(note: undershirt and skirt can't be worn alone)

4 ways to wear:
- Sweater + T-Shirt + Skirt
- Sweater + Skirt
- Sweater + T-Shirt
- Sweater only

HUD to change undershirt and skirt
(6 t-shirts and 4 skirts)

Belted Maxi-Cardigan

Belted Maxi-Cardigan

6 cozy colours to choose from, HUD to change belt leather and buckle metal.

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Off-Shoulder Sweater

New release: Off-Shoulder Sweater

Off-Shoulder Sweater

Each colour contains a HUD to change text. You can choose between 6 different prints:

-plain (no text)
-sorry not sorry
-keep calm and blame it on the lag
-I don't need you I have wi-fi
-more issues than vogue
-girls just want to have funds

For Sale at the 2x1 Room at The Chapter Four . Each pack only costs 160L and includes 2 colours:

pack 1: black and sand
pack 2: grey and pink
pack 3: blue and light grey

Credits for the ads on Flickr .

November New Releases

Many new releases for November events.


     (Theme: Macabre)

▬ L'Ange Outfit includes a rigged necklace, available in 4 metals. Only 2 variations for sale: Black Angel or White Angel.


 Sad November

Melange Wool Longuette Dress, available in 6 Autumnal colours.

Melange Wool Longuette Dress Ad Big

Coozies Scarf 6 contrasting colors to complement the Melange Wool Longuette Dresses. Rigged mesh, 2 sizes included (S and L)

Coozies Scarf


Goodbye Lenin Sweater 
Post-Industrial Skirt
The skirt includes a HUD to change the metal studs and zipper. They can be textured separately, so you can mix and match and personalise it.

Fameshed November


... and that's all (for now!)

Lace Mock Turtleneck and Lace Shorts

Kustom9 turns 1!

Two new releases for the occasion:

Lace Mock Turtleneck and Shorts

The Lace Mock Turtleneck has a HUD to change the lace detail in the upper part. You can choose between white and black lace and select one of the 5 skintones or the fabric version. The lace doesn't show your actual skin: this means there is no conflict with hair alphas, no flickering textures, no stress. You can wear any hairstyle with it.

The Lace Shorts are available in 6 colours, matching the sweaters.

Both available at a special price.

To celebrate Kustom9 birthday, I put up a gift (for sale at 9L). Don't forget to grab it while there!

Kustom9 Anniversary T-Shirt Ad Big

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Oslo Shirt

Two updates:

  • New release for The Chapter Four.

Oslo Shirt

The Oslo Shirt is available in 4 denim wash. Each version includes a HUD to change flannel (8 different textures).

The new release can be found in the Half Price Room. When the event is over, it will be sold at regular price, so take advantage of the discount if you like it.

  •    The Survey Drawing winners have been selected!

Thank you to all who submitted the customer survey!  Your opinions are greatly appreciated and will help to improve the  brand.  
All your inputs and advice were precious and soon some changes will take place.

The form will continue to be open for any future opinions/feedback about the store.  I am always interested in hearing your critiques and receiving your feedback.  After filtering out anonymous responses, those of which are also valued, and others who did not qualify for the drawing...what you have all been waiting for…


The Winners -> 


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