Fishy Strawberry's Spring - 07 March 09

Spring is coming and we all feel the need to be more colorful and most of all... keep in shape.
The new arrivals at *Fishy strawberry* are soooo many:

a) The BowIE Tees for girls
BowIE Tees
6 Colors in total, with 4 different designs in contrasting hues. Each shirt has a cute little bow on the right shoulder. The model was designed to be worn with the Benatar Pants, since they're just the right length to cover the belt detail of the trousers.
The shirts are sold in color packs.

b)The Polonion Shirts for boys.
Polonion Shirts and Cotton Ties
Same colors of the girls tees, this time the t-shirts have a fake (you can't wear them separately) polo underneath, with sculpted collar and sleeves.
Each color pack comes with 3 designs.

c) The cotton ties, in packs of 2, matching the main and secondary colors of the shirts.

d)The Barcode Trackpants.
Barcode Trackpants - Let's Get Physical Tops
Unisex. In 3 classic colors (grey, blue and brown). They include a "sweaty piggy" version. Smell not included.

e) The Let's Get Physical Tops. Matching the trackpants, in grey, blue and brown.

f) The unisex Distressed Denim.
Distressed Denim
Fit leg, bootcut, in 3 stoned washes.

You can find all the new releases at *Fishy Strawberry* mainstore. All the items in the mainstore are compatible with the store card system.

TP to Fishy Strawberry

<3! Fae&JB

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