Hair! - 29 April 09

All photoshop and no building makes Fae a dull girl...
Well, that's just to say that sometimes I like to change habits and try to make something else. Add the fact that I've stumbled across the photographs of some hairstyles on a RL fashion magazine and I liked them so bad that I felt the NEED to have them inworld... the result is that I made hair!

Huntress and Huntress II are mid/long styles, a variation on the same theme, a contemporary reinterpretation of 60's and 70's hairdressings.

Hair - Huntress

Hair - Huntress II

Icaro is a lolita style with little bows. The bows change color by clicking on the hair.

Hair - Icaro

Hair comes in color packs of two:
-The Blondes ( Platinum and Sahara)
-The Browns (Chestnut and Chocolate)
-The Reds (Henna and Mahogany)
-The Blacks (Raven and Blue-black)
-The Manga (Candy Pink and Smurf)

If you like them all, by choosing the fatpack (hmm... I called it big-boned pack actually, fat seemed too mean :( )you can get them all a discounted price (you get one color pack for free).

Please, try on the free demos before purchasing.
All hair is mod (even if Icaro says no mod, it's just the color-changing script. You can modify, shrink, resize, move strands, tint and do whatever you want)

TP to Fishy Strawberry

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