Dancing Queen - 26 March 09

There's a new born at *Fishy Strawberry*: the Dancing Queen Dress/Top

Dancing Queen

When you buy it, you get:

➩Minidress in extra shiny fabric. There are five colours available: black, bright blue, hot pink, silver and light gold. The dress comes in all layers.
➩A shorter version of the dress to use as a top on pants or skirts. It comes in jacket layer.
➩Sequins flexi scarf.
➩Sequins bracelet.

Everything is copy. The prims are modifiable.
Also, a little reminder. With every new release, some random member of the update group wins one of the products in the colour of their choice. So, if you like the store and you haven't joined the group yet, do it now! You could be the next lucky winners.
All you need to do is touch the board near the entrance, in the Mainstore (since it's a subscribe-o-matic group, you won't need to sacrifice any of the 25 precious group slots.)

TP to Fishy Strawberry

<3 Fae&JB

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