faMESHed and TDR Fusion

*Fishy Strawberry* is guest at two events starting today.

At faMESHed you will find two urban items.

► The knit bomber comes in 5 neutral colours. You choose the colour of the knit jacket and then, via HUD, you can select the shirt and tee textures. There is a total of 6 tee and 19 shirt textures, for endless combinations.

Knit Bomber

► The tapered cargo pants are available in 2 variations: SOLID (6 colours)  or CAMO (4 colours). Each item includes a version without belt and one with a belt, with 6 belt colours to choose from via HUD.

Tapered Cargo Pants

TAXI to faMESHed

At The Dressing Room Fusion there are 3 discounted items for sale:

► A black version of the Peplum Dress, 60L

Peolum dress Black

► Two set of nails for SLink mesh hands and feet. Each set is priced 40L

The Contrast set is a matte manicure with glossy French tips in the same nuance.

SLink Nails - Contrast

The  Milky set is a natural semi-sheer overlay for a natural look. 12 colours (6 with a red undertone and 6 with a yellow undertone), adapting to a wide range of skins, from very dark to very light.

SLink Nails - Milky

TAXI to The Dressing Room Fusion