TDR - Plissé Dress

The Plissé Dress in Plum is now for sale at The Dressing Room at 58L.

Plissé Dress - Plum

TP to The Dressing Room


Mesh Lounge Pants

New pre-release for fashionably late.

Mesh pants in beige wool.

Lounge Pants (mesh)

You need a mesh enabled viewer in order to see the item correctly.
The pants are rigged and they come in 5 sizes (based on standard sizing).
Please, try demo!

You will only find the Lounge Pants at Fashionably Late (promo price, so hurry up if you want to get the discount!). More colors to come soon.

TP to Fashionably Late

<3, Fae.

Fashionably Late, TDR, TDR Shop of the collection

Three bargains you can't miss

New release: Nikita Dress.
A leather wrap around dress with sculpted skirt, in 5 colors.
Only available at Fashionably Late and at a promotional price of 100L per color or 400L for the fatpack. After the event is over, the dresses will be sold at the Mainstore and go back to regular price.

Nikita Dress

TP to Fashionably Late

Fatpack of the sequins gradation skirt at a discounted price of 60L

Sequins gradation skirts

TP to The Dressing Room

*Fishy Strawberry* is the shop of the week for this round. This means that you will find an exclusive item at the Mainstore.

Half-Quilted Leather Jacket - Khaki

TP to Fishy Strawberry

only 70L.


TDR - High waist pants tobacco

New color of the high waist pants for The Dressing Room collection.

high waist pants tobacco

59L, only at TDR.

TP to The Dressing Room


Fluffy Open Cardigan Bold Colors

6 new colors of the Fluffy Open Cardigans.

Fluffy Open Cardigans - Bold

Exclusively available at Fashionably Late at a promotional price of 99L
The fatpack is even more discounted (you get all 6 for 475L, thus paying each piece only 79L).

Hurry up! You only have til next Sunday if you want to grab them for that price!

TP to Fashionably Late

4.44.444 and TDR

Some new bargains you don't wanna miss!

❶ It's Free*Style Birthday and *Fishy Strawberry* is participating in the 4.44.444 event

Four Dress for 4.44.444

Each dress includes a matching sculpted belt and costs 44L

TP to 4.44.444

➋ The Suede and Wool Dress in Army is for sale at TDR for only 70L

Suede and Wool Army - TDR

70L at The Dressing Room

TP to The Dressing Room


F/W Collection - Part 2

The second part of the Fall/Winter collection is out.


Plissé Dress

7 colors, with flexi skirt. The belt in old cuir is included and it can be worn alone with other outfits. If you want additional colors of the belt (dark brown, black and natural) you can buy the add-on pack.


Plissé add-on (bf belts)

6 colors, with sculpted parts.

Suede and Wool Dress

All sculpted, available in 4 different colors (matching the tie neck blouses and high waist pants)

Fluffy Open Cardigan

4 colors.

Tie Neck Blouse

4 colors, belt included.

High Waist Pants

As usual, discounted fatpacks are available.

TP to Fishy Strawberry


Modavia Fashion Week and Fashionably Late

❶ A selection from the Fall/Winter collection was presented at Modavia Fashion Week in the "Designer Showcase" section .

Desert Sand - Fashion Week

The outfit, which includes pants, a blouse and a cardigan, is for sale exclusively at Modavia Sim.

TP to Modavia

➋ The Tied Big Belt in Biscuit Brown is for sale at Fashionably Late event at a discounted price of 100L, only for 1 week.

tied big belt vendor ad

TP to Fashionably Late


Crimson Red Tunic for TDR

Exclusive color of the recently released tunic.

Tunic - Crimson Red (TDR)

Only 65 L, only at The Dressing Room

TP to The Dressing Room


Fall Collection - Part 1

New releases:




Tied big belt

Discounted Fatpacks available.

TP to Fishy Strawberry


TDR and Euphoria EOS sale

❶ TDR time!

High waist combo:
high-waist suede skirt in black + sculpted waist belt in honeysuckle pink = 70L

High Waist combo - TDR

TP to The Dressing Room

Euphoria End of Summer Sale.

3 discounted outfits at 50L each.

Euphoria EOS Sale #01

Euphoria EOS Sale #02

Euphoria EOS Sale #03

TP to E U P H O R I A!


Fall preview

❶ Fishy Strawberry is in this week's Fashionably Late. My offering is a sneak peek of the upcoming fall collection: The Plissé Dress.

Fashionably Late: Plissé Dress - Mustard

Fashionably Late: Plissé Dress - Cantaloupe

Two colors available, each at the promotional price of 90L -only for the duration of the event.

TP to Fashionably Late

➋ The Private Education outfit is now for sale at the Mainstore. In addition to the Blush version (sold at a previous TDR), there are 3 more colors available.

Private Education promo

TP to Fishy Strawberry


TDR and The Platinum Hunt II

A quick update for 2 new bargains.

❶ The Dressing Room is open again with a new collection.
This time, you'll find the Candy Bar glasses in 2 colors for 50L.

Candy Bar Glasses - TDR

TP to The Dressing Room

➋ The Platinum Hunt II has started.
For more info, all the links to the participating stores and hints, please visit the official site.

This is what you will find at Fishy Strawberry (hint: SUBSCRIBE to my way of thinking *wink wink*)

The Platinum Hunt II

TP to Fishy Strawberry

Happy hunting/shopping!


Private Education

Here's the new outfit exclusively available at The Dressing Room.

Private Education

It's composed of a dress and a pair of leggings.


TP to The Dressing Room

(To the group subscribers: my apologies for the mistake in the group notice! I am tired and didn't double check before sending, so I wrote that the outfit "composed by"... No, I'm not a musician, I'm just dumb *eyerolls*)

Monospalla Animalier

New release for The Dressing Room.

Monospalla Animalier sweater TDR

2 one-sleeve sweaters for only 60L.

TP to The Dressing Room

Additional colors (black and shocking pink) available at the Mainstore at full price.

TP to Fishy Strawberry


Fashionably Late

Chic Sim has just opened and a new Outlet event has started: Fashionably Late.

These are my items for the event opening:

Fashionably Late Debut

Threee sparkling tops and skirts, sold separately. Each piece is 50L.

Choose your favourite colour and hurry up if you want to get them for that price, you only have a few days left! (Yes, I was... fashionably late at sending out the notice :p).

TP to Fashionably Late


Midsummer Dream Teal for TDR

Here it is, straight from the new collection. I picked my favourite colour:

Midsummer Dream TDR

You can get it for 70L (instead of the regular price of 235L) only at The Dressing Room.

TP to The Dressing Room

If you have bought it in store before, just IM me with the transaction history details and I'll refund you the difference :)

I don't know about you, but when I think about summer the picture isn't complete without the hot summer nights, spent in some open-air club or beach disco, drinking mojitos and dancing till the sun comes out. This is the image I had in mind when I made these party dresses and tops:

midsummer dream dress

midsummer dream top

tropic of capricorn

tropic of cancer

All available at the mainstore as singles or in discounted fatpacks.


TP to Fishy Strawberry

Ahoy Sailor - Full Release

The Ahoy Sailor Outfit, previously released for last collection of TDR, is now available in the mainstore in 4 colour variations.

Ahoy Sailor

Each purchase includes the minidress/top and matching capri leggings.

TP to Fishy Strawberry


Friday the 17th! Aaahhhrghh!

I apologize for being late at putting my item out for The Dressing Room. Here they say Friday the 17th is bad luck, maybe it's true?
Anyway, here's the picture!

Damasco and soignee nude TDR

You can get corset and lingerie for only 65L.

Sooo, what are you waiting for?

TP to The Dressing Room

<3, Fae

Ahoy Sailor!

New release for The Dressing Room collection.

Ahoy Sailor - Black

Black/White top (which can worn as minidress: it has prim skirt and optional prim ruffles) + simple cotton leggings = 70L

TP to The Dressing Room

TDR and Denim Dresses

❶ At The Dressing Room, sweater in exclusive color for only 55L

Lace Details Sweater Grey

TP to The Dressing Room

➋ The Denim Dress, previously pre-released for Euphoria Fashion week, is now available in Mainstore in 3 washes.

Denim Dress @ Euphoria Fashion Week

TP to Fishy Strawberry


The Dressing Room

New Dressing Room collection is out.

Top + Shorts with fringes (belt is included) = 70L

Western Outfit

TP to The Dressing Room


Culture Shock

"Culture Shock" will run from May 1st to May 22nd.
All the stores have at least 3 new and exclusive items each - contributing 50 - 100% of their profit to Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders).

My inspiration for the collection has been late 60's and the anti-war movement. No other theme seemed more appropriate for a fund raising to support MSF and that period, in my opinion, was one of the greatest "cultural shocks" of the whole past century.

Revolutionary Tees

Peyote Mini

Vintage Candy Bar Glasses

Country Life Shirt

Wild Nature Skirt

All my items are marked 100L, except the Wild Nature skirt that costs 200L.

Fishy Strawberry @ Culture Shock



TDR and Euphoria Fashion Week

Two updates:

❶ Fishy Strawberry at The Dressing Room
The new item for The Dressing room is out.

Beat Collection @ TDR

TP to The Dressing Room

➋ Fishy Strawberry at Euphoria

Also, Euphoria Fashion Week is open.
▌ E U P H O R I A F A S H I O N W E E K
▌ ▌ 24 APRIL - 1 MAY 12pm SLT

Many great creators, all the items are only 100L and you can take advantage of the exclusive Euphoria discounts.

This is my item, only available at Fashion Week.

Denim Dress @ Euphoria Fashion Week

TP to Euphoria Fashion Week