Fishy Strawberry's Mini Mall Grand Opening! - 05 May 09

Today Fishy Strawberry would like to announce the GRAND OPENING of the shopping mall at our mainstore!


The stores included in our neighborhood are:

- KaWaii Jelly Mainstore
- *+Love Soul+*
- Blitzed
- *ARAI*
- Heartcore
- Dev0tion
- Humby Designs

Also included at the mall is "Ky's Pies"
a nice little mom & pop pie shop that also sells Italian food. A good spot to hang out and relax in if you are a bit tired from shopping. ;)


And in celebration of the mall's opening, Fishy Strawberry has decided to mark 3 mystery items in our store for L$10 each. In order to find out which items are for sale, you must show up and hunt for them. These are items that have already existed in our store previously. The sale ends May 12th.

And now, for our Mini Mall Lookbook...

minimall lookbook

* What Johnny's Wearing:

Visor Cap: Love Soul
Headphones: Blitzed
Shirt: Arai
Jeans: Fishy Strawberry
Shoes: KaWaii Jelly

* What Fae's Wearing:

Visor Cap: Love Soul
Hair and Tights: Fishy Strawberry
Tube Top: Heartcore
Skin: Dev0tion (only 10L!!!)
Waist Bag: Arai
Skirt: KaWaii Jelly
Scarf: Humby Designs
Shoes and Legwarmers : Blitzed

TP to Fishy Strawberry


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