Silk Gauze Dresses @ TDR

New item for The Dressing Room. It's a special variant of the Silk Gauze Dress with a floral pattern. The price is 65L$ and you get both colors.

Silk Gauze Dresses - Dried Flowers

As usual, it will only be available for two weeks and you won't find it in the mainstore after that. So, hurry up if you like it!

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Gonzo Jeans

Fishy Strawberry has become part of the Dressing Room Team!

The Dressing Room Blog

Here's the new Item:

Gonzo Jeans @ TDR

Only 55L, only for two weeks, only available @ The Dressing Room!


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Off Topic

Okay so... this post is not related to Fishy Strawberry, but I NEEDED to share the news. Which is mainly sad news, because The Music Hotel, home to V. Casa furniture designs, by my friend Alexand Vantelli, is closing.
Since there's always a bright side if you're one of those optimistic people whose glass is always half full rather than half empty, everything is 50%. After tonight everything will be gone, forever, so it's really a shame if you've never checked it, because Alex makes some adorable furniture. Here's a sample (but you can find much more at the location).

The Music Hotel - V. Casa

The Music Hotel - V. Casa

The Music Hotel - V. Casa

So, go grab something before it's all gone!
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Tube - Silk Gauze - Waist Belts

3 New releases!

► Tube Top-Dresses.

Tube Top/Dress

Like the previews available at the Dressing Room, each color includes two versions: a shorter version (to wear over pants or skirts) and a longer one, which can be worn alone as minidress.
Please, note that the top bra is sculpted, so it might need some adjustments to fit the shape (It is modifiable.)
8 solid colors and 4 trio colors.

► Silk Gauze Dresses.

Silk Gauze

Available in 6 delicate shades.

►Waist Belts

Waist Belt

8 colors, like the tube tops-solids. Copy/Mod so you can adjust them to fit your shape.

All the new releases also come in fatpacks, where you save 50%.

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