Letterman Sweaters - 19 April 09

Ever wanted one in school but was never athletic or talented enough to get one?
Or perhaps you enjoy watching classic movies and TV shows such as "Happy Days" which featured them, and always thought to yourself, "Wow, that Richie Cunningham looks really nifty in that sweater... I want one."

Well, here's your chance...

Fishy Strawberry brings you a line of Letterman Sweaters!

Letterman Sweaters Ad

They were originally sort of intended for males, but a female could easily and comfortably fit into one as well. ;)

You have 4 different colors to choose from, if you can pick just one...

Colors available are:

-blue with white lettering and stripes
-brown with orange lettering and stripes
-yellow with black lettering and stripes
-black with red lettering and stripes

Each one comes with the "FS" (Fishy Strawberry) logo imprinted on the front left.

Letterman Sweaters

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