Fall' '09-Part 1 - 07 Sep 09

The first round of the Fall Collection is now in store.

➩ The Equinox Jeans are vintage denim pants that will make your B-side look really yummy (whether you're a boy or a girl). The sculpted cuffs are shaped so that they look natural over shoes.
They are available in 5 colors: Charcoal, Siena, Evening, Stone and Tea.
Equinox Jeans Ad

➩ The Poisonous Lotus Tops. There are 5 different colors to choose from and a prim brooch with metal details to complement each top. They are delicate and elegant, yet with a strong personality, designed for a urban look, casual and sophisticated at the same time.
Poisonous Lotus Ad

➩ The Lucille Oh'doll Dresses. In soft velvet fabric, with a ton-sur-ton flower print on the side. The straps seductively flow down the shoulders. The back is left open and bare along with a generous neckline to keep the relaxed and loose vibe. The dress is available in 4 rich colors: Petroleum, Grey, Brick and Purple.
Lucille Oh'doll Dress Ad

Also, some of the older stuff, like the minihoods, the buttoned dresses and the fisher leggins, have been moved to the Outlet Section, on the 2nd floor of the mainstore, where all items are from 50% to 70% off.

TP to Fishy Strawberry

<3, Fae&JB

Fifty Linden Fridays - 04 Sep 09

As many of you probably know by now, Every Friday, a group of designers will place an item in the front of their mainstore marked down for 50L. The item might be something from the store marked down, or maybe an exclusive, special item.

Each week the designers and items will rotate. The items will be available from 12am SLT on Friday until 11:59pm SLT on Friday.

Fishy Strawberry has realized an exclusive unisex outfit, including a black/red version of the Barcode trackpants and a new matching t-shirt.
Barcode Outfit - 50 Linden Fridays

This week, the designers are:
This is a Fawn ,Fishy Strawberry, Long Awkward Pose, So Many Styles, Clawtooth by Clawtooth, Whippet & Buck, Doppelganger Inc, Ty Zvezda, Kunstkammer and Milk Motion. If you tp at Fishy Strawberry, just click the poster and you'll receive a complete list of all the designers with LM's.

The sale has just begun and it will go on only until midnight, so hurry up!
TP to Fishy Strawberry


Corsair Corset - 30 august 09


We've just made a new dress. It's an unusual release, as you won't find the new stuff at the Mainstore but only at the Black Market satellite location.
Since the Black Market is pirate themed, the dress has little skulls details. It's a contemporary version of a pirate girl's outfit. The outfit includes a dress version, with a semi-sheer asymmetric skirt, and a corset for a more casual look, to pair with your favourite jeans or a miniskirt. As usual, it comes in all possible layers and the prims are mod.
Corsair Corset

When you're there, don't forget to pick your gift. It's located in the boats area, along with other supercute gifts from the other designers.

Jolly Roger Ad

Also, the Swan Lake Leggins in White, a previous gift for Macos Mall opening, are out for sale at regular price in the mainstore, for those of you who have missed them.

TP to Black Market for the Corsair Corset and the Jolly Roger Gift
TP to Fishy Strawberry


Harajukubox Skin Faire - 24 July 09

The Skin Faire is opening today!
For the event, I've made 2 special version of the Daphne Skin.
The first is a Skin Faire exclusive and won't be for sale after the event is over. It's inspired by Harajuku girls (hence the name :p) and it's a colourful and young makeup, with glittery eyes and pink lipgloss. Here shown in the Cappuccino tone:
Harajuku girl Cappuccino

The second is less "aww, cute" and more "grrr!!". It's a special RP/neko skin and, like the rest of the Daphne skins, comes in 3 skintones. The difference here is that instead of the usual 3 brows color and 3 hairbases options, the Catfight skin has 3 hairbase options (no hair, regular hairbase and a new shaved hairbase if you want to achieve a creepier punk look) and 2 makeup options included.
Here shown in the darker tone, Mocha.
Daphne Catfight - Mocha

The Harajukubox Skin Faire will run from July 24th (12PM SLT) to July 28th
Check the official blog for more info and the list of all the designers participating:
harajukubox.blogspot.com/ (the link won't work, so you have to do the old way and copy/paste the address to access the page)

TP to Harajukubox Skin Faire


First pic:
Hair: Magika (tinted)
Bangles: *Fishy Strawberry*
Lingerie: Armidi
Lollipop: [Pink Fuel]
Shoes: Cherry

Second pic:
Hair: none (ahah :/)
Necklace and bracelets: Naith Smit
Undies: <3 Lovelace
Pasties: *RunoRuno*
Shoes: Stiletto Moody

Stripey Sweaters & Waist Jacket - 16 July 09

It's time for some brand new releases from Fishy Strawberry!

First off, we have the "Stripey McGee Sweaters"

*Fi-St* Stripey McGee Sweaters

The Sweater comes in 4 colors and has 3 modifiable sculpted parts. The bottom torso sculptie portion adds a loose, baggy look to the sweater, while the other two make some comfy sleeves.

They're unisex and can be worn by anyone... perhaps even your neighbor's dog.

Next up is the Waist Jacket.
Perfect for summer since it's too hot to actually wear a jacket properly.... why not wear it around your waist?

*Fi-St* Waist Jacket

It's sculpted and includes a menu you can activate with a simple touch of the jacket. Once the menu appears, you can choose to resize it to fit any avatar shape (so it's ideal for both girls and boys) and you can also pick one of the 15 different colors and textures to match your outfit.

TP to Fishy Strawberry


Beat Collection - 11 July 09

New addition to the summer collection. It's inspired by lazy summer days, freedom, hitchhikers, hippies, love, flowers and.. well... you get the idea.

Pivano dresses are short linen dresses with an eyelet lace petticoat and an embroidery of folk flowers. They come in two basic colors (white and black).
Pivano Dresses

The Cargo Shorts have modifiable sculpted rolled-up cuffs. They're available in six colors: five matching the Kerouac and Ginsberg tops, plus army green.

The Kerouac Tops are strapless, with a delicate embroidery on the chest and a puffy bottom in bright colors. Like the dresses, they come in black and white.

Kerouac Tops - Cargo Shorts

The Ginsberg halternecks are cotton tops with stripes and 60's patterns in vintage hues. The bottom is loose and sculpted and they have a little prim bow behind the neck.

Ginsberg Tops - Cargo Shorts

As many of you have asked in the past, I've put for sale the Istanbul Bangles, which were a limited time prize for the Albero anniversary hunt. With their ethnic, retro taste, they're a perfect complement for the summer collection.

Istanbul Bangles

Also... we've added an outlet section to the store. You can find it on the 2nd floor, near the skins. All the items there are discounted (50%-70%off). The section will grow as we make room for the new stuff, before discontinuing the items.

TP to Fishy Strawberry


Daphne Skin - 27 June 09

Daphne skin is out.

I am very nervous and excited about this release. Making my very own skinline has always been a secret (well not so secret, considering my skin shopping addiction) dream of mine... I put a lot of effort and time into it, changed things 84984 times, cursed at my silly idea, written over an important .psd file I was working on (arrghhh), but at the end I am really proud of the result. Thanks to all the people who have helped me fixing all the little things here and there and have pointed out flaws I wouldn't have noticed otherwise.

Anyway, enough about me, let's talk about Daphne.

Daphne comes in 3 tones and 10 makeups.

*Fi-St* Daphne color chart mocha

*Fi-St* Daphne color chart cappuccino

*Fi-St* color chart latte

Each makeup includes 6 options:
-Black eyebrows
-Black eyebrows with black hairbase (-h at the end of the skin name)
-Brown eyebrows
-Brown eyebrows with brown hairbase (-h at the end of the skin name)
-Blonde eyebrows
-Blonde eyebrows with blonde hairbase (-h at the end of the skin name)

Fatpacks are also available. With the cost of slightly more than 3 makeup sets you get all 60 color variations (10 makeup sets).
The hairbase is a little different from the previous group gift.
Please, try the demos before any final purchase.

The demo contains a version of the shape for sale (the one used in the color chart pictures). The demo shape has big feet and big hands and it is not modifiable while the version for sale is mod/copy.

TP to Fishy Strawberry

Fae&JB (the one rambling in broken English was Fae, obviously :P )

Exclusive Daphne - 24 June 09

Fishy Strawberry will be launching "Daphne", our new skin, this Saturday.

Skin Daphne Teaser 2

BUT if you are signed up for our Subscribe-O-Matic group, we want to show our appreciation for you by giving you an exclusive FREE taste of the skin.

Skin DaphneTeaser: legs detail

If you haven't already, you can join the group at our mainstore.

Daphne Mocha

TP to Fishy Strawberry


Paillettes Bodysuit - 11 June 09

Just a little update. I've added a bodysuit in the Mainstore.

paillettes bodysuit ad

The Paillettes Bodysuit comes in my four favorite colors: silver, gold, light blue and pink.

It's not just beachwear in a strict sense, since it has enough coverage and the sequins make it fashionable enough to be worn as a top with shorts or jeans, for those hot summer days.

The skin portrayed in the picture is something I've been working on for quite some time. I don't know when it will available for purchase, but keep an eye open... I feel that the moment is finally close >:D

TP to Fishy Strawberry

<3, Fae&JB

Swan Lake and Lingerie - 23 May 09

There is new stuff in the mainstore...

number 1) A gothic ballerina outfit, "Swan Lake".

Swan Lake
The set is made of 2 parts, sold separately:

a) -Black leotard with semi-transparent fishnet upper part and satin details.
-Black cross-over shrug that ties on the back.
-Black tulle tutu with a satin sash and a big bow on the back.

b) leggins with calf laces.
Included in the pack, you get 3 models:
1. classic semi-sheer leggins
2. fishnet leggins
3. ripped fishnet leggins

number 2) Lingerie.

-"En Provence". A delicate set of balconette and Brazilian panties, in 3 pastel color choices: pink, yellow and blue.
-"Summer Garden". With a bright flower pattern and a retro feel. Available in Pink and Blue.
-"Laundry Day". Cute and Fresh, in 3 variants: sweet, navy and fluo.

number 3) Freebie!!!!

laundry day freebie

TP to Fishy Strawberry

Fishy Strawberry's Mini Mall Grand Opening! - 05 May 09

Today Fishy Strawberry would like to announce the GRAND OPENING of the shopping mall at our mainstore!


The stores included in our neighborhood are:

- KaWaii Jelly Mainstore
- *+Love Soul+*
- Blitzed
- *ARAI*
- Heartcore
- Dev0tion
- Humby Designs

Also included at the mall is "Ky's Pies"
a nice little mom & pop pie shop that also sells Italian food. A good spot to hang out and relax in if you are a bit tired from shopping. ;)


And in celebration of the mall's opening, Fishy Strawberry has decided to mark 3 mystery items in our store for L$10 each. In order to find out which items are for sale, you must show up and hunt for them. These are items that have already existed in our store previously. The sale ends May 12th.

And now, for our Mini Mall Lookbook...

minimall lookbook

* What Johnny's Wearing:

Visor Cap: Love Soul
Headphones: Blitzed
Shirt: Arai
Jeans: Fishy Strawberry
Shoes: KaWaii Jelly

* What Fae's Wearing:

Visor Cap: Love Soul
Hair and Tights: Fishy Strawberry
Tube Top: Heartcore
Skin: Dev0tion (only 10L!!!)
Waist Bag: Arai
Skirt: KaWaii Jelly
Scarf: Humby Designs
Shoes and Legwarmers : Blitzed

TP to Fishy Strawberry


Hair! - 29 April 09

All photoshop and no building makes Fae a dull girl...
Well, that's just to say that sometimes I like to change habits and try to make something else. Add the fact that I've stumbled across the photographs of some hairstyles on a RL fashion magazine and I liked them so bad that I felt the NEED to have them inworld... the result is that I made hair!

Huntress and Huntress II are mid/long styles, a variation on the same theme, a contemporary reinterpretation of 60's and 70's hairdressings.

Hair - Huntress

Hair - Huntress II

Icaro is a lolita style with little bows. The bows change color by clicking on the hair.

Hair - Icaro

Hair comes in color packs of two:
-The Blondes ( Platinum and Sahara)
-The Browns (Chestnut and Chocolate)
-The Reds (Henna and Mahogany)
-The Blacks (Raven and Blue-black)
-The Manga (Candy Pink and Smurf)

If you like them all, by choosing the fatpack (hmm... I called it big-boned pack actually, fat seemed too mean :( )you can get them all a discounted price (you get one color pack for free).

Please, try on the free demos before purchasing.
All hair is mod (even if Icaro says no mod, it's just the color-changing script. You can modify, shrink, resize, move strands, tint and do whatever you want)

TP to Fishy Strawberry

Letterman Sweaters - 19 April 09

Ever wanted one in school but was never athletic or talented enough to get one?
Or perhaps you enjoy watching classic movies and TV shows such as "Happy Days" which featured them, and always thought to yourself, "Wow, that Richie Cunningham looks really nifty in that sweater... I want one."

Well, here's your chance...

Fishy Strawberry brings you a line of Letterman Sweaters!

Letterman Sweaters Ad

They were originally sort of intended for males, but a female could easily and comfortably fit into one as well. ;)

You have 4 different colors to choose from, if you can pick just one...

Colors available are:

-blue with white lettering and stripes
-brown with orange lettering and stripes
-yellow with black lettering and stripes
-black with red lettering and stripes

Each one comes with the "FS" (Fishy Strawberry) logo imprinted on the front left.

Letterman Sweaters

TP To Fishy Strawberry


Cardboard Box - 19 April 09

here's new stuff in the store... "new" meaning that it's the first piece of furniture at *Fishy Strawberrry*.
The first piece of the *Fi-St* line is a grungy seat made of... well, cardboard boxes.

*Fi-St* Cardboard Box

It's perfect for both urban exteriors and interiors, if you want to achieve the "just moved in" or "about to move out" or "too poor to buy proper furniture" effect.
Two persons can sit the same time. Each box has 5 poses to choose from, simply by clicking on it (no ugly poseballs around)... and the best part is that it's only 6 prims.
You can come try it at the mainstore!

TP to Fishy Strawberry

<3! Fae&JB

Topolinia - 13 April 09

I have just released new clothes, freely inspired by Minnie Mouse and fairytales (Topolinia is the Italian name of the imaginary town where Mickey Mouse and his friends live).


Topolinia 2

Sold separately, you can find:

➩ Topolinia Dress.

The dress comes in 3 colors: pink, bright blue and black.
The dress includes two skirt options:
1) a stretchy miniskirt.
2) A larger, longer flexy skirt. This skirt comes with a sculpted leather belt (linked to the skirt and not wearable separately).

➩ Topolinia Tights ans socks.

Same colors as the dresses (pink, bright blue and black).
Each colour includes:
1)Polkadot semi-sheer tights.
2)Polkadot semi-sheer long leggins.
3)Terry cloth socks with sculpted cuff.

Clothes come in multiple layers, all prims are copy/mod.
You can find the new releases only in Mainstore.

TP to Fishy Strawberry

<3! Fae&JB

Dancing Queen - 26 March 09

There's a new born at *Fishy Strawberry*: the Dancing Queen Dress/Top

Dancing Queen

When you buy it, you get:

➩Minidress in extra shiny fabric. There are five colours available: black, bright blue, hot pink, silver and light gold. The dress comes in all layers.
➩A shorter version of the dress to use as a top on pants or skirts. It comes in jacket layer.
➩Sequins flexi scarf.
➩Sequins bracelet.

Everything is copy. The prims are modifiable.
Also, a little reminder. With every new release, some random member of the update group wins one of the products in the colour of their choice. So, if you like the store and you haven't joined the group yet, do it now! You could be the next lucky winners.
All you need to do is touch the board near the entrance, in the Mainstore (since it's a subscribe-o-matic group, you won't need to sacrifice any of the 25 precious group slots.)

TP to Fishy Strawberry

<3 Fae&JB

Spring Time Freebie - 20 March 09

First day of the new season...

and of course, we must celebrate...

a freebie tee for all of you, now up at our mainstore for the entire season of spring!

*FS* Spring Time/Easter Freebie Tee.

Look for the giant green Easter egg in the store!

TP to Fishy Strawberry



St. Patrick's Day Sale - 14 March 09

Fishy Strawberry is celebrating St. Patty's Day by giving out free pots of gold to every one who enters our store! Okay, okay... not quite, but we are marking all of our items that are green at a very special half off price from March 14-20... so hurry up and come over to our main store! Whether you're Irish or not, pay us a visit for at least a little bit of luck! If you're not wearing green... you'll get pinched... and it will probably hurt. Do you really want that?


Link To Mainstore:


Material Spring Bustier - 08 March 09

There's two new tops in the Lucky chair at *Fishy Strawberry*
They're spring bustiers with felt flowers sewn on the front, above the cups.

Material Girl Bustier Spring A

Material Girl Bustier Spring B

As usual, if you can't be bothered waiting for you letter, the prizes can be bought in the store next to the chair.

Hair Barrettes Spring

The little flowery hair barrettes in the two colors of the tops are a group gift. Just join the Subscribe-O-Matic next to the entrance and check today's notices to receive them.

TP to Fishy Strawberry

<3! Fae&JB

Fishy Strawberry's Spring - 07 March 09

Spring is coming and we all feel the need to be more colorful and most of all... keep in shape.
The new arrivals at *Fishy strawberry* are soooo many:

a) The BowIE Tees for girls
BowIE Tees
6 Colors in total, with 4 different designs in contrasting hues. Each shirt has a cute little bow on the right shoulder. The model was designed to be worn with the Benatar Pants, since they're just the right length to cover the belt detail of the trousers.
The shirts are sold in color packs.

b)The Polonion Shirts for boys.
Polonion Shirts and Cotton Ties
Same colors of the girls tees, this time the t-shirts have a fake (you can't wear them separately) polo underneath, with sculpted collar and sleeves.
Each color pack comes with 3 designs.

c) The cotton ties, in packs of 2, matching the main and secondary colors of the shirts.

d)The Barcode Trackpants.
Barcode Trackpants - Let's Get Physical Tops
Unisex. In 3 classic colors (grey, blue and brown). They include a "sweaty piggy" version. Smell not included.

e) The Let's Get Physical Tops. Matching the trackpants, in grey, blue and brown.

f) The unisex Distressed Denim.
Distressed Denim
Fit leg, bootcut, in 3 stoned washes.

You can find all the new releases at *Fishy Strawberry* mainstore. All the items in the mainstore are compatible with the store card system.

TP to Fishy Strawberry

<3! Fae&JB

Love will tear us apart - 01 Feb 09

*Fishy Strawberry* is celebrating Valentine's Day... or, better, Valentine's month.
Yes, yes... That is cheesey and mushy and ewww with all these smooches and hearts our glucose levels will go through the roof. But who can resist all the pink and tacky hearts and Barbie doll atmosphere? We can't for sure... so...

For 2L, you will find the Lipstick Smeared unisex tee and MyFunkyValentine leggins

*FS* Valentine's Day Freebies

The tee comes smeared in lipstick, with a heart-in-target logo on the front left breast and a "Heartagram" on the back.
The cotton Leggins include a black bow and two differently colored hanging pearl hearts on each ankle.

*FS* Valentine's Day Freebies Details

You can find the Valentine goodies at the Mainstore
TP to Fishy Strawberry
or at the new Albero location for the Special Valentine Sale
TP to Albero



Material Girl - 29 Jan 09

New Releases at *Fishy Strawberry*

JB and I, the two persons behind *Fishy Strawberry*, might seem random (and we often are), but there's a clear philosophy behind our brand . When we create something, we try to play with fashion, to mix and match, to dare with color combination. This time, we've released a set of sweaters, bustiers, pants and ties. taking it a further step and use sober, solid color - gun-metal grey , brass brown and steel blue- while playing with fabric and materials, thus the name "Material Girl". The result was an aggressive, "rockish" look with a retro touch, reminiscent of some 80's pop-rock style.


The "Material Sweaters" are wool cache-coeurs kept closed by a suede and leather waist belt in a darker shade. The prim sleeves are made of a differently worked wool and both the collar and the sleeves have old leather straps and buckles, to give a more aggressive look to the whole ensemble. The sweaters can be worn with the matching bustiers or alone, leaving the belly button uncovered and emphasizing the cleavage.
The prims have a resize script to easily adjust them and the belt is textured and not made of prims (since waist belts act too weirdly with some AO's).

material girl sweater

The cotton bustiers with underwired bra cups and bra straps have a semi-sheer effect and are designed to enhance the figure. They come in all layers and can be worn with the leather ties for a sexy contrast of feminine lingerie with a man accessory. The ties, like the previously released ones, are unisex and can be adjusted to fit different shapes thanks to the built-in resize menu.

material girl bustier

The "Benatar Leather Pants" are stretchy pants with a fanciful detail: a belt that caress and stresses the hips, ending with a knot in the back. The prim cuffs are moddable and the pants come in both underpants and pants layer, so they can be worn as leggins under skirts or minidresses.

benatar leather pants

You can find them at *Fishy Strawberry* mainstore. All the items in the mainstore are compatible with the store card system.

TP to Fishy Strawberry