Fall' '09-Part 1 - 07 Sep 09

The first round of the Fall Collection is now in store.

➩ The Equinox Jeans are vintage denim pants that will make your B-side look really yummy (whether you're a boy or a girl). The sculpted cuffs are shaped so that they look natural over shoes.
They are available in 5 colors: Charcoal, Siena, Evening, Stone and Tea.
Equinox Jeans Ad

➩ The Poisonous Lotus Tops. There are 5 different colors to choose from and a prim brooch with metal details to complement each top. They are delicate and elegant, yet with a strong personality, designed for a urban look, casual and sophisticated at the same time.
Poisonous Lotus Ad

➩ The Lucille Oh'doll Dresses. In soft velvet fabric, with a ton-sur-ton flower print on the side. The straps seductively flow down the shoulders. The back is left open and bare along with a generous neckline to keep the relaxed and loose vibe. The dress is available in 4 rich colors: Petroleum, Grey, Brick and Purple.
Lucille Oh'doll Dress Ad

Also, some of the older stuff, like the minihoods, the buttoned dresses and the fisher leggins, have been moved to the Outlet Section, on the 2nd floor of the mainstore, where all items are from 50% to 70% off.

TP to Fishy Strawberry

<3, Fae&JB

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