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Fishy Survey

*fishy strawberry* wants to hear from you!

Please fill out this quick survey with your honest opinions on the *fishy strawberry*  brand.

Surveys can be filled out anonymously, but...-drum roll-

As a bonus, 6 individuals who submit the survey will receive a gift card! But there are rules...

1. Don't sugar coat your responses. Your honest opinion will NOT lessen your chances of winning as winners are selected at random! If there is something about the brand you feel could be better or omitted, don't hesitate to include this in your response. 

2. Only 1 response per person.  Duplicate entries will not be included in the drawing.

3. Official bloggers of *fishy strawberry* and recipients of recent prizes will not be included in the drawing.  Your opinion is highly valued, but we want to be fair in distributing items.

4. Threatening or abusive responses will not be entered in the drawing and will be deleted.

5. Anonymous entries will not be included in the drawing, but your opinion will be read!

How will it work?
-Starting on Sunday, September 28th the form will be open for responses. Each response that is submitted will be assigned a number (visible by admin) based on order of form submission.

-Surveys received by Thursday, October 2nd will be counted in the drawing. Anons and individuals who do not qualify for the drawing will be filtered out.

-By use of's True Random Number Generator, 6 participants will be selected to win a giftcard.

-The giftcard amounts are as follows:
 (1st Prize) L$2,500
 (2nd Prize) L$1,000
 (3rd Prize) L$ 500
 (4th, 5th, and 6th) L$250

-Winners of the giftcards will be announced via flickr and contacted on Friday, October 3rd.

Please note that the form will remain open for future opinions as *fishy strawberry* always wants to hear your opinions! :)

Coi Dress

*Fishy Strawberry* is participating in the second edition of Creation Japan, that just started.

The new release for the event is the Coi dress, available in 6 colors.

Coi Dress

TAXI to Creation.Japan

More info on the event:
Creation.Japan official site

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Kustom 9 and TLC

*Fishy Strawberry* is participating in two great events that opened their doors today.

► Kustom 9

Ducato Leather Jacket

Ducato Leather Promo

Available in 4 colours; 
each colour includes a jacket-only version and a jacket + tank one. The tank top has 10 textures to choose from, selectable via HUD.

Special price of 199L

► The Liaison Collaborative

This round's theme is "Technologic".

Technofuture Bralette and Metallic Panel Leggings

Technologic Promo

Four shiny variants;
sold as separates



*Fishy Strawberry* is looking for new bloggers.
The bloggers applications have been closed for too long and it's time to give a chance to fresh faces.
Requirements are:

An active blog
High quality pictures
Experience (it doesn't necessarily translate into blog age)
Syndication in one or more feeds
No support of copyright-infringing items
Proper use of  tags and slurls

If you are chosen, you will be asked:

-To publish a minimum of 2 posts a month featuring one of *Fishy Strawberry* new releases (it can be one or more items incorporated in a look, it doesn't have to be showcasing the full release)
-To contact Fae Eriksen if your blog will be inactive for an extended period of time

If you think you meet the requirements, apply below and good luck!


Saloon Dress

Saloon Dress for sale at FaMESHed.

Saloon Dress

The dress is available in  6 colour variations and it has a HUD to change frills pattern separately. Each purchase includes two versions: one with puffy sleeves and one with straps, ideal for wearing under a jacket.

Fatpacks and demos available.

Sorry for the delay in the notice, but I am having troubles with my computer (which is now in assistance) and I'm using a temporary one.


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