Corsair Corset - 30 august 09


We've just made a new dress. It's an unusual release, as you won't find the new stuff at the Mainstore but only at the Black Market satellite location.
Since the Black Market is pirate themed, the dress has little skulls details. It's a contemporary version of a pirate girl's outfit. The outfit includes a dress version, with a semi-sheer asymmetric skirt, and a corset for a more casual look, to pair with your favourite jeans or a miniskirt. As usual, it comes in all possible layers and the prims are mod.
Corsair Corset

When you're there, don't forget to pick your gift. It's located in the boats area, along with other supercute gifts from the other designers.

Jolly Roger Ad

Also, the Swan Lake Leggins in White, a previous gift for Macos Mall opening, are out for sale at regular price in the mainstore, for those of you who have missed them.

TP to Black Market for the Corsair Corset and the Jolly Roger Gift
TP to Fishy Strawberry


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