Beat Collection - 11 July 09

New addition to the summer collection. It's inspired by lazy summer days, freedom, hitchhikers, hippies, love, flowers and.. well... you get the idea.

Pivano dresses are short linen dresses with an eyelet lace petticoat and an embroidery of folk flowers. They come in two basic colors (white and black).
Pivano Dresses

The Cargo Shorts have modifiable sculpted rolled-up cuffs. They're available in six colors: five matching the Kerouac and Ginsberg tops, plus army green.

The Kerouac Tops are strapless, with a delicate embroidery on the chest and a puffy bottom in bright colors. Like the dresses, they come in black and white.

Kerouac Tops - Cargo Shorts

The Ginsberg halternecks are cotton tops with stripes and 60's patterns in vintage hues. The bottom is loose and sculpted and they have a little prim bow behind the neck.

Ginsberg Tops - Cargo Shorts

As many of you have asked in the past, I've put for sale the Istanbul Bangles, which were a limited time prize for the Albero anniversary hunt. With their ethnic, retro taste, they're a perfect complement for the summer collection.

Istanbul Bangles

Also... we've added an outlet section to the store. You can find it on the 2nd floor, near the skins. All the items there are discounted (50%-70%off). The section will grow as we make room for the new stuff, before discontinuing the items.

TP to Fishy Strawberry


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