Tube Top - Dress for TDR

We've been MIA for a while, but we're back.
Fishy Strawberry has been invited to be a guest for The Dressing Room and there is a new release, exclusive for the event.

Tube Top Parade for TDR

The top comes in two colors: grey and dust blue.
Each color includes a shorter version (to wear over pants or skirts) and a longer one, which can be worn alone as minidress.

You get both colors for 60L.

The upper part of the top is completely sculpted, so it may need some adjustments to fit the different shapes. On a brighter note, though, it allows cam perving the cleavage and it's ideal if you're tired of tube tops that stretch awfully on the breasts (especially if your avatar is quite endowed.)

Soon, there will be more variants ready, but this special version, with a decadent, "military" feel, won't be available again once it disappears from The Dressing Room.

TP to The Dressing Room

<3! Fae&JB