TDR - Kind of Blue

New collection at The Dressing Room.

Kind of Blue

tee (previously available for Euphoria hunt and not for sale anymore) + pants (new release) = 65L

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New Releases - Jan. 8

New arrivals at Fishy Strawberry.


❶ Impromptu Cardigans

Impromptu Cardigan (Rigged Mesh)

4 colors. Each color variant includes a black belt version and a brown belt version.
Please make sure to try a demo and read the notecard that comes with it.

➋ Lounge Pants

Lounge Pants (Rigged Mesh)

6 colors: 4 for the wool fabric, 2 for the tweed.
Please, try demo.


➌ Fur Neck Cardigans

Fur Neck Cardigan

6 colors.

➍ Moto Pants.

Moto Pants

Now exclusively for sale at Chic Sim for Fashionably Late (at a promo price). Please note that the event opens at 4 pm SLT.
When the event is over, the will be available at the Mainstore.

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Happy 2012 Collection at TDR

To celebrate 2012, all the designers at The Dressing Room have 2 items for sale: one is a new release, the other is the TDR best seller of 2011.

My best seller (Valentine Outfit) :

Best Seller - 2011

As per tradition, the New Year's special is a set of lingerie in red, as a wish of luck and prosperity.

Incanto Lingerie Set

The set includes: bra, panties, garter belt, tank top and stockings.

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Allow me to use this occasion to express my gratitude for your continuous support. Thank you for a wonderful 2011. To all of you, my most sincere wish that 2012 may be full of joy, pleasant surprises and warmth.