Black 50L Friday - Tweed Jacket

Fifty Linden Friday again. This time, a VERY special one: the Black Friday edition, with a tide of stores participating:
&bean, 5th & Oxford, Adore & Abhor, Artilleri, Botanical, Callie Cline, Casa Del Shai, Cheap Makeup, Clawtooth by Clawtooth, DECO, Deviant Kitties, Doppelganger Inc., Elate!, Epoque, Glow Studio, HooT, Katat0nik, Kunstkammer , Kyoot, L'Abel, Lamb, Long Akward Pose, Magika, Miel, Milk Motion, Molto Bene!, !Ohmai, Penny Dreadful Arcade, Pididdle, Pig, The Plastik, RC Cluster, Reek, Sand Shack Surf Co, Scribble, Sh*t Happens, Silent Sparrow, Split Pea, So Many Styles, Sway's Creations, This is a Fawn, Tiny Bird, Tres Blah, Turnip's Homes & Stuff, Turquoise Unicorn Studios, Ty Zvezda, Tyranny Designs, Vive9, Whippet & Buck.

Fishy Strawberry will have a limited edition of a jacket which is not available yet in the store.

tweed jacket  for Black 50L Friday

This Special color Beige of the Tweed Jacket won't be for sale after the event, so hurry up if you want it!
It has sculpted details (cuffs, buttons, shoulder pads) and includes a matching version of the Geisha Belt in Tweed (that can be worn by itself).

TP to Fishy Strawberry

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