Christmas Gift and Raffle

Happy Holidays!

This is a little Christmas gift for you. It is sent through the subscribe-o-matic group, so join if you haven't already. If you have missed it, click the group board at the Mainstore and see message history for a redelivery.

christmas outfit ad

    …….* GIFT CARD RAFFLE - INFO *…….

If you buy anything from Dec. 19th (store opening) to Dec. 22nd at 11:59pm SLT, you'll be eligible to win.
5 random avatars will be chosen and will win a 1000L store card and one special winner will get a 2500L card. If you buy more than one item you get more chances to win, since every purchase will be registered into the database. The cards don't have an expiration date, so you can give them away as Christmas presents, use them for yourselves or your alts or keep them for later and use them with future release.
Winners will be announced on Dec. 23rd through a group message.

TAXI to Fishy Strawberry

Good luck!


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