New Releases - Jan. 8

New arrivals at Fishy Strawberry.


❶ Impromptu Cardigans

Impromptu Cardigan (Rigged Mesh)

4 colors. Each color variant includes a black belt version and a brown belt version.
Please make sure to try a demo and read the notecard that comes with it.

➋ Lounge Pants

Lounge Pants (Rigged Mesh)

6 colors: 4 for the wool fabric, 2 for the tweed.
Please, try demo.


➌ Fur Neck Cardigans

Fur Neck Cardigan

6 colors.

➍ Moto Pants.

Moto Pants

Now exclusively for sale at Chic Sim for Fashionably Late (at a promo price). Please note that the event opens at 4 pm SLT.
When the event is over, the will be available at the Mainstore.

TP to Fashionably Late for the Moto Pants

TP to Fishy Strawberry


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