Kokeshi Skin and Makeup for Another Fundraiser II

Another Fundraiser II has just started. (March 26th - April 3rd)


All skins and tattoo packs are 50L only and 100% of the proceeds go to Red Cross Relief in Japan.

This is my little contribution:

Kokeshi Skin - Another Fundraiser 2

Kokeshi Makeup - Another Fundraiser 2

Kokeshi Skin - Closeup

NOTE: The eyeshadows are for specific use with the Kokeshi skin, as I can't guarantee they would work fine with other bases. <--- they have some skin attached. It means they only look ok with the same skintone.
The lipsticks *might* look good with other skins.
The glosses, since they have some transparency, should work with many other skins as well.

So... go, check out all the goodness and DONATE DONATE DONATE!

Another Fundraiser II

<3, Fae

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