Slightly 80's without the cheese. I love the 80's, but instead of the usual scene clothes which are & have been very in, I prefer to draw upon the more extravagant, more uptown look of femme puffy sleeves, angora and pearls. Think ringlet curls, powdery perfume, pastels, frosted lip gloss. (Modern day, just pat it onto your lips, don't slick it on!) This Pearls of Wisdom sweater is the angora, slightly 80's, über-femme sweater of my dreams. I also love how the Silk Gauze Dress has ultra-flattering seaming down the hips, which brings the look back to the future. Bzzam! - Abra Exonar

HAIR// Elikapeka
SKIN// ExodiMASCARA// Cheap Makeup
EARRINGS// Paper Couture
RING// Paper Couture
SWEATER// Fishy Strawberry | Pearls of Wisdom in Blush
DRESS// Fishy Strawberry | Silk Gauze Dress in Black
SHOES// Maitreya (Call for Couture)
CLUTCH// Milk Motion (50L Fridays)
POSE// *noju* (N/A)

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