Fall/Winter Collection - Take 2

New fall-winter clothes in the mainstore!

❶-The Cuddle Maxipulls. Cozy and warm, with chunky sculpted collar and sleeves, they can be worn as minidresses or paired with skinny jeans and leggins for a more casual look. (Please, stretch the picture for an optimal view.)
8 colors available: Black, Black, Grey, Beige and Brown (so that you can match them with the treggings) and Pink, Brick, Purple and Turquoise.

Cuddle Maxipull

❷-The Corduroy Treggings. As the name says, they're half way between trousers and leggings. Thanks to the fabric and the realistic shading, they'll flatter your shape and make your legs and bottom irresistible. They come in 4 basic-wintery colors:
Black, Grey, Beige and Brown.

Corduroy Treggings and Jewelled Cashmere Sweaters

❸-The Jewelled Cashmere Sweaters. Comfortable and soft, they're ideal for a casual and everyday look. The embedded jewels make them ideal for a bolder look. Pair them with a miniskirt and you'll be sexy yet classy, ready for a girls' night out.
They come in 4 colors matching the treggings.

ANDDDDD an exclusive color of the Jewelled Cashmere Sweater is out for sale at 1L, where the old "Laundry Day" gift used to be. It's a very versatile blue, perfect with classic or vintage denim.

Jewelled Cashmere Sweater gift

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