TDR and Euphoria EOS sale

❶ TDR time!

High waist combo:
high-waist suede skirt in black + sculpted waist belt in honeysuckle pink = 70L

High Waist combo - TDR

TP to The Dressing Room

Euphoria End of Summer Sale.

3 discounted outfits at 50L each.

Euphoria EOS Sale #01

Euphoria EOS Sale #02

Euphoria EOS Sale #03

TP to E U P H O R I A!


Fall preview

❶ Fishy Strawberry is in this week's Fashionably Late. My offering is a sneak peek of the upcoming fall collection: The Plissé Dress.

Fashionably Late: Plissé Dress - Mustard

Fashionably Late: Plissé Dress - Cantaloupe

Two colors available, each at the promotional price of 90L -only for the duration of the event.

TP to Fashionably Late

➋ The Private Education outfit is now for sale at the Mainstore. In addition to the Blush version (sold at a previous TDR), there are 3 more colors available.

Private Education promo

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TDR and The Platinum Hunt II

A quick update for 2 new bargains.

❶ The Dressing Room is open again with a new collection.
This time, you'll find the Candy Bar glasses in 2 colors for 50L.

Candy Bar Glasses - TDR

TP to The Dressing Room

➋ The Platinum Hunt II has started.
For more info, all the links to the participating stores and hints, please visit the official site.

This is what you will find at Fishy Strawberry (hint: SUBSCRIBE to my way of thinking *wink wink*)

The Platinum Hunt II

TP to Fishy Strawberry

Happy hunting/shopping!