Natalie Scarab

There's a little gift in the update group: a special Natalie makeup in all skintones.

natalie scarab - group gift

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The new skin line is out.
Ladies and gentlemen, meet Natalie:


You can choose between 4 skintones (from lightest to darkest: Panna, Frappuccino, Macchiato and Espresso) and 10 makeups per tone.

Natalie - color chart panna

Natalie - color chart frappuccino

Natalie - color chart macchiato

Natalie - color chart espresso

Each makeup includes 8 versions. The options you get are:

-light brows/dark brows
-light hairbase/dark hairbase/bald
-natural cleavage/push-up cleavage

Come down to try a demo and join the group if you haven't already (because we will be sending a group gift soon :p)

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